Meet the founders

As husband and wife, we have always made a great team in business and life. With Teresa’s background as a powerhouse attorney and Blake’s background as a former private chef, culinary instructor, and author of a James-Beard award-winning cookbook, we have positioned Small Batch Foods to be a fast-growing food company. Yet, it took a pandemic and 2 sets of twins for us to create one brownie to rule them all.
During the countless days stuck at home with our two 3-year-olds, two newborns and endless hours experimenting in the kitchen, we had a breakthrough. The result was the reinvention of the classic brownie, transforming it into an allergen-friendly treat that tastes even better than the real thing. We challenge you to notice the difference that we have created one of the best tasting brownies ever produced.

i can't believe

it's not gluten

Vegan chocolate chunkClose-up of a rectangular Small Batch brownie.Vegan chocolate chunkVegan chocolate chunkVegan chocolate chunk

one brownie

to rule them all

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The Small Batch
Foods Legacy

Small Batch Foods is a family-run, certified woman-owned small business from the Midwest with deeproots in food and family. We hope one day we can pass our business and our passion for food down to our 4 children, allowing them to create their own ideas in food.
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